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Foil bags for vegetables and fruit

Foil bags for vegetables and fruits, also for frozen food, made of polyolefines

  • They are good sanitary secure and also for packing and securing against dust, moisture, atmospheric and environmental conditions.
  • These packages can be modified in order to extend freshness of packed products and microbes protection, and also temperature resistance (cold stores)
  • Foil bags for fruits and vegetables, made from our foil, make the package look effective and esthetic, protect against opening, reinforce whole package.
  • Wide use in food industry, gardening, market gardening, trade and households.
  • These packages are soft and transparent.
  • They can be coloured, and made as one layer or two layers with print or plain.
  • We can make perforation to carry away air, moisture and others.
  • Slip and shine
  • We can offer foil bags with following parameters:
  • Width: 8 – 130cm
  • Thickness: 0,02 – 0,15mm (20µ – 150µ)
  • Welding temperatures: 160 – 240oCoC.
  • Low temperatures: -40oC oC
  • We kindly give advice and help for the best solutio