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Trash bags LDPE (ecological)

Garbage bags from LDPE also ecological (biodegradation) in any sizes and colours

  • Ecological (biodegradation) bags can be used for garbage, leafs, grass etc. We can make bags with any printing
  • Ecological bags have this property that with sunlight, moisture and microbes, they start to decompose in natura environment.
  • Decompose starts after 3 months from leasing the bag to activity of elements above.
  • We offer any size, but standard sizes are:
  • Bag with capacity of 20l; width: 45cm x 50cm
  • Bag with capacity of 30l; width 50cm x 60cm
  • Bag with capacity of 60l; width 60cm x 80cm
  • Bag with capacity of 120l; width 70cm x 110cm