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Ecological Biodegradation Film

Ecological Biodegradation Film – tapes, sleeves, half sleeves.

  • Most of plastic is made from petroleum, natural gas or coal.
  • Products and especially packages made from foil can be recycled, so raw material can be recovered and market supply for fundamental material.
  • The rule of recycling is maximization of secondary using of the same material, with consideration for minimizing costs for recovering them. It is one of many ways to limit using natural material to produce packaging material. There is entire recycling industry – recovering Raw material from waste and plastic, thanks to which municipal firms are sorting waste and trade with firms which can make new usable goods from waste.
  • Plastic products is a group of products which are made by connecting polymers and help additives such as: pigments, filler, flexibilizers, stabilizers and many more. These additives are modifying attributes of plastic by giving them specific desired attributes what gives concrete polymer wide range of usage.
  • Plastic has been substitute to many traditional materials like: paper, glass, wood, and even metal, cotton, rubber and many more. Main attributes and advantages of plastics are: low price, weight, indifference to solvents, acids, non-toxic, and also indifference to biodegradation. Plastic attributes and people consciousness made that today plastics are necessary element of every day live but also global ecological problem
  • For a long time, there are scientific research on producing biodegradation plastic, which could decompose in nature. Main objective is to make plastic from polymers, that would degradate using UV or using biodegradation.
  • Best achievements, research and also production of biodegradation plastics has North America.
  • Biodegradation plastics allow to utilization of used and worthless products –by composting solid waste. .
  • Degradation is advancing in few stages:
  • Mechanical brake-up (foil, packages) which lead to break polymer chain into short fragments, lowering it’s molecular weight and number of branches, what make sit more available for attack of microorganisms.
  • Fotodegradation, in simple words, is based on UV radiation – Sun light affects on plastic, which is absorbing radiation and causing breaking, crumbling and desintagration of molecular chains.
  • Some plastics are stabilized with special UV additivess for stoping degradation by UV radiation and make them more endurable against UV radiation. ex. Forming foil, or packages which are exposed to Sun beams.
  • Biodegradation in simple words is a degradation process, advancing in a natural way by affect of microorganisms and enzymes. Enzymes are proteins with katalitic attributes, produced by living organisms and fermentation process.
  • Proper biodegradation process is done by colonization the polymer by microscope muschrooms and bacterias. In foster conditions for their evolution in presence of oxygen, moisture and proper temperature microorganisms emits outcell enzymes which starts process of depolimerization.
  • Oxy-degradation concept means, that the degradations advance with plastics in natural environment with out microorganisms, but only with help of light oxygen and temperature.
  • Last stage of mensioned above degradation process is decomposion of remain powder into CO2 and water.
  • Polyethylens are generalny quite hard to decompose biologically.
  • Biodegradation polyethylene needs many conditions to decompose such as temperature, UV radiation, water, oxygen which cause the decompose.
  • To speed up biodegradation, polyethylene i mixed with organic compounds, decomposed microbiologically.
  • Most popular additive to plastics is starch which is starting the decompose process
  • Polymer will propably modified to improve their usable attributes