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Packing foil made from LDPE polyethylene

Packing foil made from LDPE polyethylene – sleeves, tapes

  • We offer foil with the following properties:
  • Width: from 8 – to 130cm
  • Thickness: from 0,02 – to 0,15mm (20µ – 150µ)
  • Welding temerature: 160 – 240oCoC.
  • Resistance for low temeratures: max -40oCoC
  • Atest from Polish Institute of Hygiene, allowing our products to touch food.
  • LDPE polyethylene foil is easy to recycle.
  • Perforation is possible: to discus with buyer
  • It is possible to make foil for packaging machines on individual buyer order, after defineing slip of layers, because we can make sleeve or tape where every layer will be from different material lor etery layer will be in different colour.
  • Rules of storage:
  • It is advisable to storage foil in dry and cool place, minimum 1m from heating machines
  • For byers of antistatic and bactericidal foil, we give terms and conditions of storage.
  • Height of storaging on palette shouldn’t be more that 1,5m
  • Foil is winded on paper or plastik tubes with inner diemension 76mm
  • Packing foil, is produced in our firm from LDPE polyethylene and has very wide range of use building, forming, trade and other industries.
  • It is used to secure products against dirt, dust, dampness in single productsor on a paletce against mechanical damage and affection of atmospheric and enviromental conditions.
  • Packing foils are generally used because of it’s universal attributes and it’s endurance is higher than paper packages.
  • Packing foils has are widely used also in food and trade industry. They can be used to single and cumulative packing of corn and flour products, bakery products, cakes, fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, meet, poultry, fish, read-to-cook products, confectionery products and others.
  • Foil is produced in forms of: sleeve, sleeve with folds, half sleeve and tapes.
  • Packaging foil can by made as single or multi layer ( 2 layers) with print or plain. There is possibility to make micro-perforation on buyer demand, what enable to carry away air, moisture, or from other reasons.
  • Packaging foil can modiefied to gain expectd or demanded attributes
  • High endurance against UV radiation, slip attributes, proper antistatic, degradation in natura environment and also anti-bacterial properties or finally increased phisycal endurance.
  • • Midified foil also increase mechanical endurance of the package, what allows to use less thick foil and pack more products with the same mass of foil.
  • • Modified foil can extend freshnes of food products and also protect them from growing microbes, mushrooms or mould. It have fundamental meaning in food industry.
  • • Modified foil has lower weld temperature, what has enormously meaning when packing flammable products and also lowering power consumption for packaging machines.

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