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Thermoshrink film – tapes, sleeves, half-sleeves

  • Thermoshirk film is universal and most often chosen material.
  • It can be generally used to pack all kind of products with different shapes.
  • It is cheapest and most effective packaging material.
  • This foil specifications are: large mechanical endurance, shrinkness, transparency. It is welded, so the product can be sealed shut.
  • These attributes are very important in packing products because of esthetics, look, physical chemistry, speed and cost of packing.
  • When choosing foil packaging, you should consider producer innovations.
  • At present we can offer modified foil, which is thinner than traditional foil, have better mechanical attributes and in effect we can pack more goods with the same mass of foil. Using modified foil allow to save even 30% of costs of packaging, for example 0,05mm foil can be replaced with 0,05mm foil and not loosing mechanical attributes. Choosing foil thickness is very important, thin foil is less mass what gives more square meters on a roll.
  • Thermoshrink foil which is modified to get lower welding and shrinking temperature, gives lower costs of using electric power and it is more safe when packaging flammable materials in shrink tunnels.
  • Except economic profit it is worth to look on positive ecological effect, because there will be lower demand on plastic./font>
  • Thermoshirk foil purpose is to pack bottles, jars, cans, cardboards and other things into one cumulative package.
  • It is used In chemical, consumption, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, building industry etc. It is polyethylene LDPE foil, can be weld, one or multi layer as: tape, sleeve and half-sleeve. It can be used to secure palettes, cardboards and products against dirt, dust, insects, atmospheric conditions and also intervention of unwanted persons.

Technical requirements:

  • Width: from 10cm do 130cm thickness: from 0,025mm do0,15 mm
  • Additional requirements , break stress, perforation: to disscus with buyer
  • Packaging: Foil is winded on tube (roll, core) width: 76mm on palettes and wrapped with LDPE foil or in any other way disscused with buyer.